Smart Homes

The Austrian technology company specializes in the development and distribution of products in the building automation and smart home industry. The focus is on the development of hardware and software for various areas such as lighting, energy management, electric mobility, heating, and climate control.

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Luke Roberts

The customer’s requirement was to integrate the power supply into the existing mechanics of the lights without affecting the design. The shape of the printed circuit board and the build height were predetermined by the customer.

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Digital Elektronic

For this project, a power supply had to be designed for an in-wall socket. One particular challenge was the high dynamic load that the power supply had to be able to deliver. Additionally, it was required to develop a compatible battery module with integrated charging management.

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Automation Engineering

To meet the customer’s requirements, a duplicated flyback topology without PFC was used for the power supply. The power supply was designed to comply with the NEC Class 2 specifications, maintaining the double fault condition according to Class 2 protection.

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