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Working with Energy

Welcome to our career page! At Leco, our focus is on the custom development of power supplies for our customers. Our success is based on the commitment and ability of our employees to develop innovative products and excellent customer service. We are always looking for talented and motivated employees to work with us on developing new power supplies that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Always focused on

Work-Life Balance

We place great importance on a work-life balance for our employees. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours that allow our employees to adapt their work to their personal needs. In addition, we have a home office program that allows our employees to work from home to create a better balance between work and personal life. We believe that good work-life balance helps our employees stay motivated and productive, and thus successful in the long term.

Professional training and development

In our company, we place great importance on the continuous training and development of our employees. We offer regular internal training opportunities that allow our employees to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. Additionally, we offer a job rotation program that enables our employees to gain experience in different areas and improve their career opportunities. We believe that investing in the development of our employees not only leads to better well-being and higher motivation but also contributes to a more competitive company.

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